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British made menswear brand redefining contemporary menswear with collections inspired by Jamaican heritage


The beginning:

Established in 2015 from a home studio in South London.


Since then, SIYEN has showcased in Paris and returned to exhibit in the UK where it all started.

The inspiration:

The things we hold dear to us are who we are and what we stand for; as a brand and as people. SIYEN explores culture and identity to create collections with a story. Each series pulls inspiration from the designer's heritage to bring a new dimension to your wardrobe.

The style:

Delivering contemporary clothing that's clean cut and expressive, housing bold prints, utilitarian details and soft tailoring. The monochrome palette and traditional silhouettes deliver timeless pieces that are trans-seasonal and can be brought back time and time again.

The ethos:

We take our time to create garments you will love. Garments are handmade in the UK so that we can ensure quality and ethics are upheld. We're providing you with the gold standard and we'd like the teams who produce these items to receive the same.

SIYEN is more than clothing; it's culture; it's values; it's a way of life.

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SIYEN (pron. sï-yen)

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