Are your clothes Eco friendly?

We take our time to produce collections that incorporate organic fabrics, non-toxic dyes and produce minimal waste. The majority of our items are made in the UK and therefore have very little air mileage, if any at all.

Our printed textiles are created on OEKO - TEX certificate fabrics and fixed at a high temperature with no chemicals. No water is used for this and minimum waste is generated throughout the process.

The use of polyester fabric in SIYEN collections has decreased since 2016. Polyester has many technical benefits, however, we understand it is not great for the environment and have reduced usage.

Who makes SIYEN clothes?

Garments are made in the UK by experienced manufacturers and seamstresses. We do not have collections fully factored in sweatshops as we like to ensure there are good working conditions, fair pay and quality products.

For any items we need to outsource, we ensure they are Fair Trade.

Can packaging be recycled?

Yes. Currently 80% of packaging can be recycled with the exception of the clear plastic film used on garment boxes. 


We haven't mastered it all, but we are definitely making improvements to areas of our supply chain and manufacturing to make sure we do better.


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