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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Lockdown Loungewear


It's a new year full of hopes and plans for the months to come, but if you're in the UK excitement is amiss because you're still under lockdown. Another year at home and the novelty of working from your living room in your loungewear and comfy slippers has well and truly worn off. Now you're looking for any excuse to look good, feel good and dress well.

So what do you wear for your trips to the supermarket or your afternoon walk without going overboard?

1. Wear more black

Yep, you read correctly. There's something about the colour black that makes even the most basic outfits look so much more classy. It's 'how to look great 101'. Throw on a few more black items and see how it transforms your outfit into looking like you really made an effort. And before you say it - because I know there's someone out there who's thinking 'but black doesn't suit me!' - black looks good on everyone. If you're worried that you've been stuck indoors and winter means you're lacking a tan, and the black just looks too stark, try wearing the black garments on your bottom half instead of closest to your face.

2. A quality sweatshirt

It's a simple fix. Switch out that old knit you wear around the house for a quality sweatshirt. After years of wear, some of our favourite knits can start to look a little less cosy and a bit more - let's be real - tired. The Signature Sweatshirt is a perfect example of how you can be comfortable and stylish with ease. Its beautifully brushed-back cotton blend feels like a hug on the inside while the bold embroidery on the front gives a simple look a bit more oomph.

3. Minimalist tees

Save your graphic tees for another day and take the no frills approach. Sometimes a plain starch white t-shirt is all you need, but if you find that a little too dull, opt for a small tasteful logo instead. Then, break the iron out (or steamer) and make sure you're fresh and crease free. If you need inspo or a new one to add to your wardrobe, check out our Insignia t-shirts here.

4. Leather

Leather - even faux/vegan leather - will upgrade your look instantly. Whether it's a leather jacket, leather trousers or leather accessories, it will give your look more edge. Layer up a snug jumper with a classic leather jacket, or if you're bold enough, go for the trousers. And just like that, you've gone from lounging around the house to running errands and you'll look dapper doing it.


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