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If you're reading this, it's probably no surprise that the fashion industry has a heavy impact on our climate. With the industry accounting for 10% of annual carbon emissions each year and almost 20% of wastewater, it's important that we all take a step back to evaluate our role and how we can make a change.

Entering the market as a premium menswear brand was not about elitism, but being a brand with core values that stands the test of time. We believe high end fashion can be more attainable and the industry on a whole can be less destructive. We think about all aspects of the garment lifecycle and ultimately design clothing that lasts. Our thought process is that 


 'if we make quality items and you take care of them; wash, wear and repeat until they reach the end of their days; together we will reduce waste.'

We could go into the pros and cons of each textile on the market from cotton to polyester to viscose, genuine leather vs. vegan; they all have their downfalls in some shape or form, but what's most important is promoting better habits. At SIYEN, we produce collections in smaller quantities than many bigger fashion houses in an attempt to avoid waste from overstock. Our pieces are therefore much more exclusive. We also avoid harmful chemicals where we can, using organic fabrics and OEKO Tex certified dyes. In addition, we repurpose remnants and recycle waste.

Becoming a sustainable brand is a journey and we are constantly working to reduce our impact. Join us; wash at 30, steam and rewear, but mainly, buy responsibly, invest in a brand with good values and treasure each garment.


Find out more about our brand ethics and sustainability:

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